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Can Habibat products be retrofit?

Yes, all products within the integrated range are designed to either be installed to new projects in the initial building process or can be retrofit to existing buildings in order to meet the project requirements

Will products match the facing I am using on site?

Yes, this is included in our bespoke service. Depending on the facing you require, we can either source direct from the manufacturer or arrange for our haulier to come to site, collect facings and then we will manufacture and return products in your desired finish.

Can I face boxes myself?

Habibat Boxes are not designed to be faced by the customer as we do provide a facing service to ensure boxes which leave our factory are fit for purpose and covered under our warranty. If boxes are faced by customers themselves on site, it does run the risk of this not being done in accordance with our facing procedure, or of damage occurring to the box itself. 

What can I expect from delivery?

All products are delivered on pallets, regardless of quantity to protect against damages. Orders are usually delivered within 48 hours of dispatch. Hauliers operate Monday - Friday 08:30 – 16:30, and somebody must be present to receive consignment. Customers are granted 20 minutes with the haulier to check consignment, any issues must be reported on paperwork when signing for.

Where should I site the products?

Usually your Ecologist will specify which boxes need siting where. However the Team at Habibat are always on hand to give you a guideline to installation and which siting locations work best for the species. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions of queries.

How can Habibat work with my project?

We understand that everyone will have different requirements. If we do not have a standard product which will meet your needs, please don't be deterred. Our Design Team is on hand to work with you and produce bespoke solutions that work for both the intended species, and your project

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