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The Habibat Team

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About Us

Habibat is owned by parent company Ecosurv Ltd, a leading independent ecological consultancy.

Ecosurv Director Graham Jeffery was originally approached by a brickwork contractor to supply fifteen for a new school development in the North East of England.  Graham sourced and supplied products from a manufacturer who sold Bat Boxes to the UK market. However once these were supplied he received a call from the Architect saying that they would not be accepted. Unfortunately the boxes supplied were concrete and not to british brick dimensions nor did they work in accordance with the building which was to be constructed using Baggeridge, Wienerberger Smooth Blue.  The Architect asked Graham to find an alternative product which would be in keeping with the design of the building. Finding nothing suitable on the market, Graham proceeded to set up a small production unit and duly made what became the first Habibat boxes.


In order to ensure the models created worked for both bats and the buildings they were to be incorporated into,   Graham along with his then Business Manager Charlotte made an appointment with Kelly Gunnel and Professor Lisa Hunt of the Bat Conservation trust in London to discuss with them the design of the boxes. This in turn brought about a partnership between EcoSurv and the Bat Conservation Trust from which the concept of the first Bat Boxes was born. Initial samples of this collaboration and were sent to the Netherlands to undergo testing for one year.  The test was successful and the Habibat brand was created. Recognising the gap in the market for seamlessly integrated wildlife boxes, the same successful approach  was implemented to design and create integrated bird boxes with input from the RSPB and Swift Conservation. 

After considering the suitability of different designs, the team was then joined by Kay Richardson, who has a background in Architecture and Ecology. Kay oversees the general design for new and existing products and their suitability for the species and the built environment.  With Senior Ecologist Dr Scott Taylor on hand for ensuring all products meet the requirements of the species they are intended for. 

As Habibat saw a dramatic growth in business, and demand for products, the decision was taken by the team to approach a brick manufacturer who could help Habibat meet customer demand and assist with promotion and sale of the boxes. Wienerberger found the products were of great interest to them and decided to promote them to their customers under their brand name of Ecohabitats.  In 2021 and working in collaboration with Wienerberger, the Habibat manufacturing unit was moved to their factory in Worcester. This move has seen the continuous growth of Habibat as a recognised and reputable product in the UK market, and has seen the business and sales grow greatly through out the past decade. Whilst the manufacturing is predominantly done from Worcester, Habibat Head Office is based in the North East, and the Team are on hand to assist with how Habibat can be seamlessly incorporated into your project. 

Head Office Business Hours
8.30am - 4.30pm
8.30am - 4.30pm
8.30am - 4.30pm
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Contact Us

21 High Green
Great Ayton
North Yorkshire

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