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Habibat Bug Boxes

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Habibat Bug Boxes are made of the same insulated concrete as the other integrated box range. Manufactured to UK format brick sizes. This means they can be seamlessly integrated into your build. Featuring different size access holes to provide habitat to a range of bugs and insects. 


Bug and minibeast provide an important food source for other animals like birds and bats which are essential to pollinating our flowers and crops and are useful workers when it comes to decomposition and giving us nutrient rich soil.

Our bug bricks are perfect as they feature dark nooks and crannies which insects love to explore especially lacewings and ladybirds.


Cleaning of the bug bricks is recommended in late spring after the adults have emerged. This will increase the amount of years the brick will be used for and reduce the risk of parasites. A suggested tool to help clean the brick is something like a pipe cleaner or small paint brush used to loosen and pull out the remaining nesting material.

Habibat Bug Brick

available in a range of stock bricks

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Habibat Bumble Bee Box

available unfaced, standard or bespoke

solitary bee_edited.jpg

Habibat Solitary Bee Brick

available in a range of stock bricks

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