Habibat Maternity Roost Box

Dimensions: 215 mm wide x 440 mm high x 102 mm deep
Material: Concrete plus brick facing
Weight: approximately 7 kg

Facing Options:
Unfaced for Render Finish with red, blue or buff plinth
Standard Finish in smooth red, blue or buff brick
Bespoke Finish in a material/coursing of your choice

The Habibat Maternity Roost Box range, is a variation of our existing integrated Bat Box range, featuring significant alterations that aim to provide a stable environment for bats and their off spring. Aesthetically, these products appear no different than the current products, however they feature one access point (instead of two), and enhancements to the inner workings in order to provide comfortable roost space for the species, during the breeding season. 

As with the standard Habibat Bat Box, the Maternity Roost box can be faced/coursed with a number of products to suit the design build. This includes, brick, block, stone, wood ora rendered finish, esnuring the box is unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. For quotations/ orders please specify that it is the Maternity Roost Box that you require, with a memeber of our team.

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