Habibat 3S Bat Box Range

Dimensions: Box size: 215 mm wide x 300 mm high x 102 mm deep plus facing bricks
Material: Concrete plus plain facing
Weight: approximately 6 kg

Facing Options:
Unfaced for Render Finish with red/blue or buff plinth
Standard Finish in smooth red, blue or buff brick
Bespoke Finish in a material of your choice

The Habibat 3S Bat Box is a small, solid box made of insulating concrete which provides an internal roost space, and can be integrated into the fabric of a building as it is built or renovated. Suitable for most species commonly found in the UK, this single chambered unit features an integrated V system to increase the surface for bats to roost against, whilst allowing them to move around. The Habibat 3S can be finished in a variety of facings to ensure it can be seamlessly integrated into the design build. Finishes include, plain for render with a choice of plinth, brick, block, stone, wood or a rendered finish, ensuring the box is unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. 

The Habibat 3S is a smaller version of the Habibat 001, and can be supplied with an open or closed top (for stacking)

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